Dominate Your Year


2 eBook collection to help you shift into High Drive to achieve all the Successes you’ve been dreaming of!



1. Dominate Your Year – Setting clear and concise goals is one of the best decisions you’ll ever make. By following the steps listed in this book you’ve decided to take full responsibility for your life and begin to create the life you truly deserve. When you follow the methods featured in this book you’ll achieve all the goals that really matter to you and overcome the challenges you’ll encounter on the road to attaining them.

2. Conquer – How To Face Your Fears Head On – In this guide on how to conquer your fears by meeting them head on, we will start by defining fear, and revealing the process that explains exactly why you get scared of certain things. You will find out the origin of your personal fears, and what it is exactly that keeps your fearful emotions going. You will learn how to recognize but ignore your self-talk that is damaging, and the differences between fear, phobias and anxiety disorders.