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Is your Life less than what you desire? Less than what you dream of?

Have you experienced betrayal? (betrayal from a love partner, business partner, family member, friend, co-worker…)  Are you living from Restrictive Self-Vows? Self-Loathing? Silent Shame?  Are you tired of feeling less than….are you tired of living in mental/emotional poverty, money poverty, health poverty? Have you given up on ever achieving and living the Life you desire?   This could include; Love, Money, Career, Business, Marriage and Romance, Weight – too high or too low, Athletic Achievement, Low Self-Acceptance?

Wouldn’t you just love to Live your Life without carrying the “secrets” the “drudge” of whatever it is that is holding you back?  Sure you would.  And I can help you with your Transformation.  Even if you have no clear memory of what it is that has you locked up, we can “unlock” you.

It’s much easier than what you may have imagined. 

Invest in Yourself Today!   Because – YES – you do deserve to be the Happiest,  Most Confident, and  Successful YOU –  than you have ever dreamt of!

We offer the following packages:

Preliminary Free Strategy Session:

This session is generally 20 – 30 minutes in length.

  • Establish the area(s) you would like coaching.
  • Answer any questions you have about the Coaching process.
  • Discuss and answer your questions about the structure, best available session times for you, and the pricing of packages, so that we can determine the best package for you.
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Get Started Package:

  • 5 once a week, 1.5 hour on line sessions
  • 2 follow up emails per week
  • This package works very well for those that want to establish quick momentum, have near future plans and want to be able to implement their new patterns and transformation.
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Transformational Coaching Package:

  • 10 once a week, 1.15 hour on line sessions
  • 2 follow up emails per week
  • This package is ideal for those that have two or three specific issues they would like to work on.
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Sustained Motivational Coaching Package:

  • 10 sessions, 1 hour each, to be distributed over a 16 week period
  • This package is fabulous for keeping yourself in check, revisiting, tweaking, cementing and maintaining your goals.
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Deep Personal Development Coaching Package:

  • 5 sessions, 1.5 hour each, once a day for 5 days
  • This package is for those that want to work quickly, and see results in the immediate.
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Owning Your Life Package:

  • 24 sessions, 1.15 hour each, every two weeks.
  • This package is amazing value for clients that have complex and/or multiple issues to work through, and/or very limited time restrictions.  Not too time consuming as it is delivered every second week.
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