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About Dorothy

Dorothy Biagioni is a Mindset Life Coach,  Transformational Leader and Empowerment Coach, who for many years has helped thousands of people break free of living with the negative emotions and thoughts that have stemmed from past events.

Events such as;  ugly, painful childhood, betrayal, rejection, abandonment, business failure, bankruptcy, trauma  – emotional, mental and physical.

“Your personal relationships are intertwined, married, to your professional life.  If there is distress in one, there will be distress in the other”. Dorothy Biagioni

Restrictive emotions are taxing to one’s well-being, and if not addressed, will limit ones career path, financially freeze and drain a business, and harm their personal life.

A Professional Leader, Mentor and Coach, Dorothy is a great believer in the “Change Your Habits Change Your Life” school of thought. Dorothy encourages her clientele to discover what old and restrictive habits they are living with, as she gently drives each one to bring about healthy habit change. Helping each client to discover a new healthy mind set.

The result of habit change (mind set) brought about in a caring, understanding, empathetic and confidential manner will move you from feeling and living in a “stuck” position of low self-confidence and self-worth, to believing in yourself.  Believing  that you do deserve success, self-acceptance and self-respect, and that these new found beliefs and emotions will lead to a life filled with empowerment, successes and freedom.

Dorothy offers a wide range of programs, packages and services – from individual coaching – via Skype, Facetime, Zoom, WhatsApp, Google Duo and Telephone, to seminars, presentations and keynote speeches, and to Eprograms.