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Forgiveness. A word we hear almost daily.
And quite often we dismiss.
The word makes us feel uncomfortable.
Perhaps we think of it in a religious context. Or in a shameful context.

But, what if we start thinking of “Forgiveness” in a personal and heartfelt place.
Forgiving yourself for whatever you believe needs releasing, and, accepting forgiveness………
For over 25 years I have been helping people come to terms with themselves, their past and with forgiveness.
I have helped thousands of clients reach that place of self acceptance, of tranquility and confidence.
Forgiveness = Empowerment = Success

Dorothy Biagioni
Premier Life Coach
“Self sabotage is the ultimate form of betrayal, because you’re doing it to yourself”.
Every time you blame the past, people or events, you are engaging in self sabotage. You are living in a type of ‘victim’ mindset.
Sadly, you’re leaving happiness, tranquility, successes on all levels behind.
You cannot live a deeply happy and enriched life if you continue to blame and harbour resentment.
In other words, Self-sabotage!
Join me as we walk through and redirect the thoughts and beliefs that have been holding you back. Hurting you, your love life, and your work life.
Imagine having a fully loaded take away “tool box”.
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