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Avoid Burnout with These 3 Tips


Burnout is a real and quite damaging condition. Once you find yourself suffering from burnout, it can be difficult to turn your life around. This is why it is necessary to take steps to try and avoid burnout.


  1. Set Boundaries


No matter what your profession may be, it’s important to have boundaries. You can’t be available around the clock; this is simply impossible. So, to prevent burnout, it’s critical to establish boundaries of times you will not be available. This means that you won’t be in the office or available by phone or email during these times. If you are in a management position, it might help to post these hours somewhere or adjust your email auto-reply, so people know you will answer as soon as you are available.


  1. Have A Work-Life Balance


Besides just setting boundaries, you need to have time to do things that aren’t workplace related. This means you have time for your hobbies, your family, and just doing what you love. This doesn’t have to be complicated, and it could be as simple as taking one afternoon a week to go for a walk in your favorite park. Whatever it may be, it needs to be something you want to do, and you need to put your foot down if work ever tries to interfere with your time.


  1. Put Yourself First


Whatever could be going on at your job, if you start not to feel well or feel overwhelmed, you need to put yourself first. This means that, even if your group just started a new project, if you need a mental health day, please take one. You will be no use to your group if you begin to feel burnout and your mental abilities begin to deteriorate.


Putting yourself first is especially important when you start to feel the symptoms of an illness. Although it may be tempting to say it’s just a cold and go to work anyways, this will only make you feel worse and put yourself closer to burnout. Stay home and rest instead.


Overall, currently, it may seem difficult to avoid the condition of burnout. But you can—as long as you remember to set boundaries, have a work-life balance, and put yourself first. And if you follow these tips, not only will you avoid the damages of burnout, but you’ll also go through life feeling less stressed as well.

Dorothy Biagioni

Premier Life Coach

Transformational & Empowerment Leader

Certified Hypnotherapist

Dorothy has over 25 years’ experience in helping people live happier, fuller, more confident and successful lives.

She is available for one on one appointments via Skype, Facetime, WhatsApp, GoogleDuo or Phone.

Dorothy has a number of eCourses available with weekly one on one personal support.

Group sessions and Presentations are available via Zoom or in person.

She is a leading Presenter, Key Note Speaker, and Workshop/Seminar Leader.

Inspiring and motivating Private Individuals, Executives, Employees, Team Leaders/ Members, Managers and Administrators to feel good about themselves, and the roles they work in.  She is able to increase confidence levels so that each person believes in their contribution in the workplace.  Thereby increasing productivity, becoming more aware of time management, and building a solid co-worker/colleague morale.  This new position becomes a win-win for everyone!