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Setting Boundaries Isn’t Just About Saying No

Decide to set some positivity boundaries, because there is no reason to allow anyone to make you feel bad about yourself.

  • Start by taking control of your social media platforms. Comparing yourself to other people’s carefully curated perfect lives will make you feel bad and not do anything for your self-worth. So look at your friends and followers and decide if you want these people in your life. Make a positive decision not to care about likes, followers, and comments. You can stay on social media, but do it on your terms.
  • Do an appraisal of your friends and family. Are they supportive and kind, or toxic and undermining? You can control how much of them you want in your life.
  • Stop relying on other people’s good opinion of you. Take back your power by learning how to say ‘no’ reasonably and calmly.

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