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Identify What Emotions Are a Sign of Violated Boundaries

If you’re serious about building resilient boundaries that protect your feelings, happiness and overall mental state, you need a gauge that will alert you when your limits are being crossed. That gauge should come in the form of emotions – when you feel certain emotions, you’ll know to re-evaluate the situation.

Typically, warning signs are feelings such as discomfort, distress, and resentment. Place those feelings on a scale of one to five, then rate them on severity every time you start to feel them. If they’re pushing towards five, consider what’s causing them and how you can relieve them.

Now, if you believe someone is trying to impose their views on you, mistreat you or pressure you to do something you’re uncomfortable with, it’s time to enforce your boundaries. If you’re going to create warning signs, though, please don’t ignore them.

If an emotional red flag appears, take action.

Dorothy Biagioni

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