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 From Idea To Reality

So, you’ve worked hard at generating ideas. You’ve done all the right steps. You’ve kept yourself open and unselfconscious. You’ve taken a shower. You’ve taken a nap. You’ve gone out of your way to expose yourself to new concepts, people and cultures. You’ve come up with and thrown out a gazillion bad ideas. Now, after all that work, you’ve had a really great idea. I mean this idea is solid gold. It’s original. It’s practical. It’s solves a problem that a lot of people are experiencing. It actually is that game changing idea that you’ve been waiting for. Suddenly it hits you.

Now that you’ve had the one in a million idea, what’s next?

The answer to that question is “quite a lot more work”. Executing a good idea is often as hard, or harder, than coming up with the idea in the first place. However, don’t worry. You can make the execution phase of the ideation process easier by following a few simple steps.

First, remember to maintain your self-confidence. You’ve gotten this far by working hard and doing the right things. Your work has paid off in spades – you have a killer idea. Simply keep working hard and continue doing the right things and you will ultimately succeed. People will see the value of your idea. You will get to the end of the process and reap your reward.

Next, remember that executing an idea is completely different than having an idea.

This is not the time to fly blind.

You need advice on what to do to successfully turn your idea into a marketable product or service. So go get that advice. Seek out and listen to people who have already been down this road.

Get a mentor. Pay for a mentor if you have to. Information isn’t always free and whatever you invest in mentoring will pale in comparison to the value of the things you will learn.

Finally, lose your fear. Yes, bringing an idea to fruition is a risky business.

So is getting up in the morning or getting behind the wheel of a car.

We accept those risks. The benefits of driving, for example, far outweigh the risks. The same holds true with executing your idea. You can let your fear of failing stop you from turning your idea into reality, but then where will you be?

What you stand to gain from a finished product is so much greater than your fears.

Dorothy Biagioni

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