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Being Kind Isn’t Just About Others…

Embrace kindness! Studies have shown that spreading kindness is good for you because it activates the rewards part of the brain and makes you feel good. It also lowers your blood pressure and inflammation levels. If you have trouble being kind to yourself, then in the beginning work towards showing kindness to others. After a while, you’ll naturally extend that compassion to yourself.

Also, people who witness your compassion not only feel good as well, but you will inspire them to be kind themselves. So, you have a lovely domino effect of being kind yourself and then others passing on that kindness.

Being kind to yourself is a vital part of building your self-worth – it short-circuits that negative self-talk and creates positivity in your life. Buy yourself a treat, some flowers, smile at people, pat yourself on the back and set up a positivity loop that will improve your life and everyone around you.

Dorothy Biagioni

Premier Life Coach

Transformational & Empowerment Leader

Certified Hypnotherapist

Keynote Speaker and Presenter

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