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Anger Control

Do  Do Not
Be aware of the physical signs of your anger escalating

Take notice of the emotional signs of your  anger

Release your anger properly

Move a few steps back from the situation

Put yourself in the other person’s position (at work or in any situation)

Use anger as a motivator or catalyst for change

Take a deep breath and slow down when you feel angry

Give yourself a break from the scenario

Practicing meditation techniques

Watch an instant replay in your mind

Take a walk (literally)

Learn to listen to other’s

Talk to a friend or someone else

Research the various types of anger

Get a pet or visit the per store

Put on your happy face and smile to encourage positivity

Utilize relaxation techniques

Go out and get some exercise regularly

  Bottle your anger up inside

Drive or operate machinery while you’re   angry

Take negative action without first   thinking

Hold grudges against people or  situations

Force yourself into situations that make   you  angry

Take comments or remarks personally

Think about or obsess over things that  are  out of  your control of that anger you

Allow anger to build up

Create undue stress over anything in life

Explode with anger in any situation


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