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Say No to Self-Limiting Beliefs

Reset your negative mindset and re-educate your Inner Critic! So many of our limiting negative beliefs about who we are and what we’re capable of were laid down back in our childhood by authority figures like parents and teachers. Stop for a moment and listen to the soundtrack inside your head. What messages are coming up? Whose voice do you hear? Notice your self-talk and the feelings that come up when you hear those old messages, buried deep in your subconscious so long ago. Those messages, those beliefs are way past their sell-by date and are no longer serving you. Challenge them, rewrite the self-talk script and turn your Inner Critic into your friend.

Once you begin to notice these limiting beliefs you can start to revise them. Some ways to rewrite your self-talk include journaling about the limiting beliefs – where they came from, what they say, what triggers that voice in your head. Then, write out a new script which you can use whenever that voice starts talking. You can try affirmations and visualizations as well at this point. Take your loudest or most powerful negative self-talk first and work to change it. After that, you can challenge each of them in turn.

If you need assistance to quiet these voices, these limiting thoughts and beliefs, consider hiring a Life Coach.  He or she can guide you through various exercises to clear away the old and unwanted and bring you to a new place of focus that will bring about a whole new way of thinking, feeling, believing and living.  Freedom and Success!

Dorothy Biagioni

Premier Life Coach

Transformational & Empowerment Leader

Certified Hypnotherapist

Keynote Speaker and Presenter

Sessions are offered via Skype, Facetime, Zoom, WhatsApp and Phone.

Group Sessions are offered via Zoom or in person.