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How to Silence Your Inner Critic

Being self-critical is a great way to push yourself into being a better person. Perhaps you want to do your job better. Or you want to help community members. You may even want to be gentler with your kids. When you critique yourself, you have the ability to make changes. But, can you go too far with this?

If you use self-criticism as a way to doubt your abilities, this becomes counter-productive. It’s one thing to say I want to improve and then find ways to go about doing so. It’s another when you infuse negativity about your abilities or even the abilities of others.

It is important to use that inner voice to help you achieve success, as you define it. There are plenty of instances where you need to learn how to silence that inner critic.

You want to accept who you are. The person you have become took years to get there. If you need to make changes from within, focus on the aspects of your life that hold you back and use those as the basis for your change. Everything you have done or accomplished in your life can’t be wrong. You wouldn’t be where you are if that were the case.

The times when you need to silence your inner critic, you will need positive reinforcement for yourself and from others. These affirmations can help push you through the negativity and help you come to the realization that you have positive qualities. The key is to repeat these affirmations, so they become a natural part of your life. Create a journal and record the times when you are feeling like you are putting yourself down. Revisit the journal at a later date to review and make this a part of your regular routine.

Some people need a bit more of a push to break from constantly thinking negative thoughts. In this case, it’s best to seek professional help. These professionals are trained to help people who find it difficult to do this on their own.

Silencing your inner critic takes some practice, but the rewards are worth the effort. You will increase your self-esteem and have a better outlook on life. One thing is clear, you will achieve more when you keep this positive focus than by constantly bringing yourself down. Others will also notice those positive changes and for the most part, will embrace them.


Dorothy Biagioni

Executive Business and Life Coach

Transformational Leader and Speaker

Empowerment Life Coach and Mentor

Personal Development Specialist

Certified Hypnotherapist

Keynote Speaker and Presenter



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